Rumor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti Video Card Coming in August

NVIDIA has a bit of a gap in their midrange Kepler 600-series video cards at the moment – there aren’t any. However, rumor has it that this will be fixed in August, with the launch of the complete midrange line-up.

The GTX 660 will be based on the GK106 GPU with 1152 CUDA cores and have 1.5GB memory, with the GTX660 Ti based on the more powerful GK104 GPU, having 1344 CUDA cores and 1.5GB memory, while offering the option of 3GB. Next, we have the GTS 650 Ti with 960 CUDA cores and 1.5GB memory. While the GT 640 with GDDR3 memory is already out, we are likely to see a new version of this card using the much higher bandwidth GDDR5 memory and offering improved gaming performance, although it shouldn’t be considered a gaming card at this performance level. Finally, the table below shows the specs and pricing for the various midrange cards. Note that all this information is speculative, hence so should only be taken as a guide, although it’s likely not to be all that far off.


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