Rumor: Intel Ready To Sell OnCue Web TV Solution To Verizon

Intel has had a team of people working on developing a live TV, on-demand TV, and content streaming service called OnCue for many months.  The web TV service was supposed to be available this year, but it it was delayed until 2014 due to a number of unannounced reasons. It looks like Intel is now ready to pull the plug on the entire TV program. Rather than trying to secure content deals, Intel is said to be willing to sell the division or possibly license it to Verizon.  Verizon already offers a popular TV service through its FiOS unit, so Verizon might be able to benefit from some of the things Intel has been working on.

Intel, rarely makes its retail devices, but they have been working for many months on the OnCue set-top box.  The idea of paying for streaming TV over the Internet sounds good, especially if it would have allowed you to select what channels you wanted to pay for. Most people have more than 100 cable or satellite channels, but few watch them all monthly. Intel will still likely come out ahead if they kick the project down to Verizon or another interested party as their hardware would still be inside. Intel would love to have their silicon into a popular set-top box! Verizon had 5.2 million FiOS Video connections at the end of the Q3 2013.

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