Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Full Tower Gaming Case Review

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Rosewill Thor Exterior Impressions (Continued)

Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Gaming Case Top Venting

Here’s the main feature of the Rosewill Thor: its defining characteristic that sets it apart from other cases. While it’s not all that fancy, the design is a bit of that excess flash that some gamers may like. Personally, I think the venting isn’t really needed and I would rather they just have used Modder’s Mesh up top so you would have more room for fan and RAD mounting. Still, it’s not bad and removing it wouldn’t be that hard.

Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Gaming Case Front Control Panel

Here’s the front control panel of the Thor. The plate that everything is mounted to is a nice brushed aluminum. The side bars you see next to each fan control knob light up and get brighter the more you have your fans turned up.

The Thor Logo is also illuminated in this picture. Unfortunately, the fan control on this case was broken and could not be tested.

A nice array of connections are available on the front of the case. If I had to suggest a change I would have liked to have seen two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA port, and a Firewire port.

Still, the arrangement present is more than enough for even a high end setup.

Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Gaming Case Front LED Switch
Here’s the bottom of the case. That small switch you see in between those fin groves is a button you press to turn the LED on the front 230mm fan off or on. By default the LED is off.

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