Rosewill Tachyon 650W Power Supply Review

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External Design of the Tachyon 650W

The Rosewill Tachyon 650W PSU

Rosewill is using a steel chassis for the Tachyon, which the company sprayed all black. The chassis is 170mm deep, just a little longer than what the ATX design guide specifies; therefore it should fit inside almost every case with only very tight HTPC cases and special designs being the exception. The top cover of the power supply has been traded for one with an integrated honeycomb design fan cover.

Chassis sides

There are no logos, stickers or distinctive visual features anywhere about the power supply, not even over the motor of the fan, with the exception of the sticker with the electrical specifications at the top side of the unit. The sides of the Tachyon are entirely plain and all black.

Top side sticker

At the top of the power supply we found the only stickers of the power supply, one with the electrical specifications of the unit and one indicating that it is being covered by US registered patents. Patent 7,133,293 refers to the design of modular power supplies and patent D601,648 to the design of…baseball bats, which most likely is a typographical error on the sticker.

Rear Side

The six modular connectors of the Tachyon 650W power supply can be seen at the rear side of the chassis, each of them covered with a rubber cap. There is no legend but all six connectors are identical, allowing the connection of any cable to any connector.

Front Side

Much like any other modern power supply, the front side of the Tachyon 650W unit had to be perforated for the warm air to escape to the outside of the case. For that purpose, the company went with a large aperture honeycomb design. There is also a standard on/off switch.


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