Rosewill R6XR8-BK Black ATX Computer Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion




The overall process of putting everything together in the Rosewell R6XR8-BK case was a seamless and painless one. Rosewill’s idea of screwless design certainly delivered and made the process a little more enjoyable. The two supplied 120mm fans at full rpm are actually very loud, especially the front one. I have unplugged it while in use since it is so obnoxious. The back fan however is tolerable at a distance. Everything of course comes at a price. According to Rosewill’s site the R6XR8-BK costs $119.00, which is obscene for a mid-tower case with no power supply and a little more than basic features. After further price investigation the only other potential place to get this case is from is  Newegg, which is listed for a price of $69.99 plus shipping. The strange thing is the case is listed as a “deactivated item” and non purchasable. My search ended with the conclusion that the only place to buy this case was directly from Rosewill or Newegg. I got in touch with Rosewill and asked them about the availability of the case and the deactivation at Newegg and they responded by saying this.

Yes, Rosewill can only be purchased from Newegg.  I spoke to my team and I was informed that the product is out of stock so that is why the item is deactivated Newegg.  The product will be in stock by next month so it will be reactivated then.  It turns out the product became a hot seller so it became out of stock due to the strong sales.

I would recommend this case for any mid-tower case pursuer, but good luck finding somewhere to purchase one as the next batch of cases hasn’t arrived yet.

Legit Bottom Line:The R6XR8-BK is a great mid-tower choice with a great screwless design and professional looks. The only real big drawback is trying to find a place to purchase the case as there are no retailers currently selling the case, even Rosewill’s very own website.

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