Rosewill R5 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Unboxing the R5 Chassis

R5 Box Front

Since we cannot just jump right into the review of the R5 chassis by Rosewill without showing you how they packaged up the chassis, we will start there. Rosewill gives us some general features of this chassis on the front and back side of the packaging they used; both front and backsides of the chassis have the same exact information printed onto them. We also get an idea what the R5 chassis looks like.

R5 Box Side

Turning the box over 90° if we had a company build us a computer using this chassis, the components would be listed here. Again, both sides are identical.

R5 Box Opened

Other than have the contents of the packaging spun 90° to previous packaged chassis we have seen in the past, Rosewill packages up the R5 pretty much identical.

R5 Accessories

I took out the accessory box that will be in the upper HDD bay and laid out its contents. What we will get inside of the white accessory box are:

  • Inside of the little bag
  • Motherboard standoffs
  • Motherboard screws
  • HDD screws for the 2.5” SSD/HDD
  • Chassis screws
  • PC Speaker
  • Wire ties
  • An USB 3 header to USB 2 Header adapter
  • 5.25” bay adapter
  • Instruction booklet
  • R5 Chassis

    A quick look at the Rosewill R5 chassis before I tear it completely apart. I will have to say the R5 is a fairly clean modern-day looking chassis.

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