Rosewill Debuts THRONE Industrial Custom Case Mod at PAX

Rosewill let us know today that the company will be at PAX East this week and they have 3 gaming systems built around our Award Winning case Thor V2, Armor Evolution, and the newly introduced THRONE White that are going to be shown off. They also have an impressive Rosewill THRONE case mod, designed and built by BS Mods, which is said to be a must see!

Rosewill Throne Case Mod

It has been custom painted, custom wired, modified for an Industrial appeal, and so much more. It is powered by our most powerful power supply released, HERCULES 1600 and it will power a 3-way NVIDIA GTX 680 SLI, Kingston 120GB SSD, 64GB of DDR3 Kingston Beast memory, Intel i7-3970x CPU, Intel X79SR motherboard, and kept liquid cool with Swiftech’s H20-X20 Edge HD 360mm Water Cooling Kit. We have additional higher resolution pics of this case in our forums that you can find here

Rosewill Throne Mod

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