Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra Super Tower Computer Case Review

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Final Thoughts on the Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra Super Tower

And I thought my Corsair 700D was big but the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra is really a Super Tower with massive dimensions in all directions.

Rosewill Blackhawk Lights
Rosewill put a lot of thought into the Blackhawk Ultra Super Tower especially for those that want to run on air.  With no less than seven fans included and space to mount another seven this has to be one of the highest air flow potential cases we have seen in full tower form factor.  Rosewill also made the case silent by using these large fans we could barely hear any audible noise.  It is hard to beat 10 + 1 hard drive / SSD mounting spots which should be more than enough for even the largest media collector.  Our own uber rig only has 5 HDD and 3 SSD’s which would leave three open slots in this beast.  Including castors for a case this large is brilliant and something all full towers should come with these days.  All intakes being filtered is a great touch with think any higher end case should have standard to minimize the dust.  We loved the fan power hubs and the way they were daisy chained to assist with powering all these fans.  We really liked the metal universal hard drive trays that give a very solid feel instead of the more common plastic versions.  Finally we liked that the vast majority of this case was metal and not plastic.  This might mean less crazy angles and unique shapes but we gladly give that up for years of service.
While there was a ton to like about the Blackhawk Ultra has a ton to love about it there are a few items that we think could be improved.  First, the fan hubs should be mounted on the back of the motherboard tray to hide some of that spaghetti of fan wires.  Second, where is the integrated fan controller?  On a case with this many fans, even slow RPM fans, it should come with at least a simple hi, medium, low control especially since it already has the fan power distribution hubs.  While this case can handle a 420mm radiator up top, the option to remove some of the HDD cage for either a pump or 240mm/280mm radiator in the bottom would make this case more water cooler friendly.  Finally, when you are charging $200.00 for a case all the top I/O ports should be USB 3.0 and come with a solution to be backward compatible to USB 2.0.  We see this on $80.00 Bitfenix cases, it should be on $200.00 Super Towers.
Even given some of the minor short comings we really liked the build quality of this case and that the features were less gimmicky and more useful.  We are not sure there are a lot of people that need 10 HDD’s, looking to install an EVGA SR-2 motherboard, wanting 18 possible fans, or dual power supplies but if you are this case has all that you need.  

Currently selling for $199.99 and free shipping from Newegg and a one year warranty we feel that for those in the market of massive case we would recommend this one.

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Legit Bottom Line: Well built case with minimal plastic, thoughtful features,  and tons of room make this one of the best full tower cases we have seen in our lab.
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