Rosewill Armor Mid Tower PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions (Continued)


Top of Rosewill Armor Interior

Looking at the top from the inside, we have a better view of the two 120mm LED fans installed. Like the other fans in the Armor, the LED’s are red.

Bottom of Rosewill Armor Interior

On bottom we see the other side of the vents and the detachable hard drive cage. A single thumbscrew holds that in place.

Rear View of the Rosewill Armor Interior

Here’s another view of the rear from the inside. We get a better look at the 120mm fan used for the exhaust and we also get a better look at the tool less latches used in the front.

Rosewill Armor Hard Drive Cage

A nice feature Rosewill included was a detachable hard drive cage. Easy enough to detach and attach right back in. The top lip acts as a lever; just push it down and pull it out (as long as you unscrewed the thumbscrew).

Rosewill Armor Fan Hub

Located underneath the upper front LED fan (on top) resides the hub where the all the fans plug into. This is also where the top LED button on the Armor is plugged in to control the lighting. Not a bad idea, although there could be a better spot to put it. This is where you want to plug in the side fan as well. I will talk about that on the next page.

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