Rosewill Armor Mid Tower PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions


Left Side of Rosewill Armor

Once I opened the Rosewill Armor, I was greeted with an all black interior and an 80mm fan that sits behind the CPU. It’s not much of a cutout so don’t expect to be able to install/remove some of those aftermarket coolers without removing the motherboard. The tool less mechanisms to keep the 5.25″ devices in place consist of a twist knob. Just twist and the latch detaches from the case.

Right Side of Rosewill Armor

Here on the other side of the Armor, we get a better view of the 80mm fan and see that the tool less mechanisms to lock those 5.25″ drives are also on this side. I like that since a lot of cases only have their solutions on one side.

Left Side Panel of Rosewill Armor

The left side panel mainly consists of mesh with the 200mm LED fan attached. You can only replace this fan with another 200mm fan which isn’t too bad, but if one isn’t available it might become a predicament in that event. This is a new product so that could explain why I haven’t seen a replacement fan available for purchase at the moment (other than possibly an RMA part request).

Right Side Panel of Rosewill Armor

The right side panel is just like the other panel, just without the fan. Nothing but mesh.

Front Panel Wires of Rosewill Armor

Here of the front panel wires for the Rosewill Armor. We have the USB, HD audio, and the motherboard headers.

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