Rosewill Armor Mid Tower PC Case Review

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External Impressions


Front of Rosewill Armor

As mentioned, 80% of the Rosewill Armor is mesh and the front is no different. Looking at it, we see three 5.25″ bays and a 3.5″ bay for a floppy drive or anything else you can think of installing there. You can also see the front 120mm Red LED intake fan.

Left Side of Rosewill Armor

Looking on the left side of the Armor, we can see it is mostly mesh and we can see the 200mm Red LED fan installed.

Right Side of Rosewill Armor

On the right side, the side panel is mostly mesh. Might make those wanting to hide the cables not like the case, but that’s just my opinion.

Back of Rosewill Armor

Here on the rear of the Armor, we can see the seven expansion slots with the inlet/outlet holes for a water cooling system on the right. Above those resides the 120mm fan mount for the exhaust. On the bottom we have the power supply mount.

Top of Rosewill Armor

Up on top we have more mesh, but also see two 120mm Red LED exhaust fans pre-installed.

Top Panel of Rosewill Armor

Also residing on top of the Rosewill Armor are the usual players: the power and reset buttons, two USB 2.0 ports, a mic and headphone (HD Audio) port and, lastly, a button to turn the LED’s on and off. I’m assuming it only controls the LED’s and not the fans, too. I will touch on that later on in the review.

Bottom of Rosewill Armor

On the bottom we have the case feet and two vents, one for the power supply and one for an additional fan if the option presents itself. Underneath the power supply mount there is a removable dust filter. Luckily, it is located on the outside of the case so cleaning it is easy.

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