ROCCAT Kone XTD 8200DPI Wired Gaming Mouse Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

I feel that ROCCAT did a very good job with this mouse.  As games get more and more complex, mice like these are needed to give the gamer more power at his/her fingertips, without having to reach for a key.  MMO’s demand so many macro keys and buttons, it isn’t funny.  Toss in ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[+] technology, and you have twice the buttons at your fingertips!  The layout of the mouse is pretty generic, with exception to the button in front of the scroll wheel, but this generic layout is quite comfortable and welcome.  The 8200DPI sensor will absolutely provide superior tracking precision, and a lot of gamers will love that!  The construction and quality feels exceptional and will be desirable by many.  The ergonomics of the XTD are great for someone with large hands, but not so much for those of you with smaller hands.  Lefties, I’m sorry, but this mouse is not designed for you.

The only real issues that I had with the mouse were:  The button in front of the scroll wheel being in an awkward spot, Easy-Shift[+] being difficult to get used to and taking over a default button that I’ve used for over a decade for another purpose, the side buttons being on the small side, and the weight system being useless to do on-the-fly changes, just because you cannot get the weights out easily.

ROCCAT Kone XTD Software
With the few flaws aside, the Kone XTD is definitely a great mouse.  This mouse is currently going for $89.99 with free shipping on Amazon, which isn’t entirely out of reach for everyone, but is on the high side in terms of cost.

The ROCCAT Sense mousepad is simply fantastic.  It is a rather large mousepad, but it glides better than any cloth pad that I’ve used.  It’s able to be used with any gaming mouse up to 10,000DPI, which nails everything that I can think of.  The pad running you $19.99 and being eligible for free shipping through Amazon, is a no brainer, especially if you’re buying the Kone XTD with it!


I can truthfully say that I would definitely recommend both the mouse and mousepad to my friends and family, should any of them be in the market for one.  I really liked the comfortable feel of the Kone XTD, even though it has a few flaws that were previously mentioned.  Being a gamer myself, I really appreciated the responsiveness and customization abilities that this mouse provides.  The mousepad, too, is a fantastic addition for all of my mice to use; It allows each and every one of them to glide smoothly.

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Legit Bottom Line:  The ROCCAT Kone XTD is a somewhat high priced gaming mouse, but it is quite the versatile gaming mouse while utilizing ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[+] Technology, to assign just about any button to do whatever function you desire.  The ROCCAT Sense mousepad is a great accessory to your new toy.

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