Retail EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard Pictures Surface

EVGA unveiled three socket LGA2066 motherboards based on the Intel X299 Express chipset back in June at Computex 2017 and it appears that the X299 DARK motherboard is finally ready to hit the retail market. Vince Lucido has posted pictures of an actual retail board on social media and this extreme overclocking board looks better than ever. The EVGA X299 Dark is “designed from the ground up to be the best overclocking motherboard on the planet” and even comes with a bench stand plate!

EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard - Retail Model

EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard – Retail Model

This board is designed to smash overclocking records, so rather than having eight DDR4 quad-channel DIMM slots it has just four. When it comes to board power it has 24-pin ATX, an angled 6-pin PCIe, and two 8-pin EPS connectors to feed the processors high-current 9-phase VRM solution. Since the board was first seen at Computex 2017 it appears the active cooling solution fan has been flipped around to blow the other direction and the design of the fan shroud has changed. The VRM heatsink is also different and now appears to support active cooling. Heck, many of the trace routes and components on the board have changed!

EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard - Pre-Production Sample from June 2017

EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard – Pre-Production Sample from June 2017

EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard Features:

  • Form Factor – Optimized EATX for clean cable management
  • Supports x16 PCIe Graphics with all CPUs
  • Audio – Creative Sound Core3D Quad-Core Audio Processor + Optical
  • Highly-Efficient 14 Phase Digital VRM
  • 12 Layer PCB Design
  • Bundled Bench Stand Plate
  • Dedicated M.2 Cooling
  • Onboard Power, Reset and Clear CMOS
  • EVGA E-LEET X Tuning Utility
  • Triple BIOS Support
  • M.2 NVMe PCI-E SSD Support
  • U.2 NVMe SSD Support
  • Intel Optane Memory Ready
  • Switchable DC / PWM Fan Control
  • 10-zone Temperature Monitor
  • Onboard Voltage Display