Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones to be Sold as Galaxy Note FE

Back in late March Samsung stepped up and confirmed that it planned to sell some of those recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after refurbishing them. If you recall, those devices were recalled twice due to issues with the battery that led to overheating and some of the phones caught on fire. Both Samsung and a third party company came to the conclusion that the batteries inside the devices are what led to the overheating and fire issue.

Samsung has now started talking about what it wants to do with all those Note 7 devices that it still has sitting around- again. Word is that the company is planning to sell the refurbished smartphone under the name Galaxy Note FE or Fandom Edition. Samsung also stated that it would recycle or possibly turn some of the phones into rental devices back in March.

Reports indicate that the Galaxy Note FE will have a limited run of about 300,000 units and will be sold in South Korea only starting in June. CNET reports that refurbished Note 7 devices won’t be offered for sale in the US. Galaxy Note FE refurbished phones are said to have a smaller battery than the Note 7 and to sell at a lower price point than the original device.

Samsung has offered no firm details on pricing at this time. The company had better get it right this time, should the Note FE hit the market and have more problems leading to another recall the brand would certainly be permanently harmed.