Razer Announces New BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard

The New Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Isn’t Afraid To Get Wet

Razer knows what scares PC gamers and they are aiming to do something about it with their latest keyboard release, as the new Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is water and dust resistant. Featuring Razer Green 80-Million click tested mechanical switches and sporting an IP54 rating, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate has been tested and certified to handle itself with dignity the next time you spill G-Fuel across your action keys. The BlackWidow Ultimate features green per-key backlighting, sticking to tradition for the BlackWidow lineup. Razer is touting the durability and long-lasting nature of the BlackWidow Ultimate, rather than strictly touting aesthetic features of the product.

Razer - BlackWidow Ultimate WaterProof

The new Razer BlackWidow Ultimate features 10-Key rollover and operates at a 1000HZ polling rate, so it should have no issues keeping up with intense gaming sessions. If anybody is trying to press more than ten keys at a time while gaming, please let me know how and why. There are no individual macro keys present, but users can reprogram any of the standard keys to their liking through Razer Synapse software, which makes the BlackWidow Ultimate a fairly versatile keyboard.

Not much has changed with the aesthetics of the Razer BlackWidow over the years and the keyboard definitely has an iconic, recognizable design among PC gamers. I have a friend with a Razer keyboard that he spilled soda on, so the new BlackWidow Ultimate will probably be of great interest to him. For the record, the Razer Tournament Edition keyboard he spilled soda on still is working, only occasionally chattering on the “A” key. If only he had the BlackWidow Ultimate, perhaps he would have been spared completely?

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate - Switches

Right now, you can get the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate for $109.99 USD at RazerZone. The mechanical keyboard market is very competitive, but Razer is a recognizable name and the BlackWidow is one of their flagships, so I expect it to be a fairly popular product. The water-resistance and durability are excellent marketing points to adults buying their teenagers PC peripherals this holiday season.