RAID 0 Under Fire

“It has come to our attention that RAID 0 has recently come under fire by some of the major PC enthusiast publications. and have both published articles purporting that RAID 0 is unnecessary for the desktop computer. begs to differ, to some extent. Read on for our interpretation of RAID 0 and our humble attempt to set the record straight.

First off, we?re not going to tell you what RAID 0 is. That?s right, we?re going to talk about a subject and not even tell you what it is! Why you ask? Simple: if you?re reading this publication chances are you already know what RAID 0 is. You see, your average reader of Fastsilion, Anandtech, StorageReview and Overclockers isn?t your average computer user. They?re enthusiasts. They spend many hours on their PCs, working or playing, upgrading and overclocking. They?re the ?gear heads? of the 21st Century, but instead of cars it?s PCs. So you already know what RAID 0 is and you probably already know if you need it or not, so you probably could just skip over this article, but we would advise you read it anyway.

So what?d Anandtech say about RAID 0? ??there is no place, and no need for a RAID-0 array on a desktop computer. The real world performance increases are negligible at best and the reduction in reliability, thanks to a halving of the mean time between failure, makes RAID-0 far from worth it on the desktop.? Read Anandtech’s article here

And ?To summarize, RAID 0 offers generally minimal performance gains, significantly increased risk of data loss, and greater cost.? Read StorageReview’s article here

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