Quakecon 2009 – The Vendor Booths

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AMD and Glitch Gear

AMD Quakecon 2009

AMD’s booth had a ton of game demos that attendees were able to try out, and there were a number of stages where AMD did little mini presentations for the gamers as well. Pictured above is one of those small presentations where they talked about Phenom II processor overclocking and the AMD Overdrive 3.0 utility.

AMD Quakecon 2009

AMD also practiced what they preached and brought with them all the necessary ingredients for overclocking. In this situation, it was a couple gallons of mineral oil, which was used to submerge a motherboard in one of their dozens of overclocking demos. 

AMD Quakecon 2009

AMD even showed off liquid helium cooling and while we were watching they were running at 6.6GHz and running through full loops of 3DMark06 with no problems at all.  It was very impressive to see this type of cooling being done as it is something that not many people have ever done or seen before. 

AMD DirectX 11 Evergreen Test Systems

AMD also invited 100 random gamers from Quakecon up to their private suite for a first look at gaming on one of their upcoming DirectX 11 graphics cards. This was a chance for gamers to interact directly with AMD employees, which was a great experience for both parties. We covered this demonstration here.

Glitch Gear

Quakecon 2009 Glitch Gear

For those looking for some sweet gaming t-shirts the guys from Glitch Gear were at the show and selling their shirts for $20 each.

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