Puget Systems Launches Quiet Dual Xeon Genesis II Workstation

Puget Systems today launched a new version of its powerful Genesis II workstation, designed from the ground up for quiet operation. The Genesis II Quiet Edition features dual Intel Xeon E5 processors, up to 256GB of memory, and a wide array of video card and disk options. The Genesis II is a very capable workstation, with support for dual Intel Xeon E5 processors, up to 256GB of DDR3 ECC memory, up to 8 hard disks, up to 3 optical disks, and with 7 PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots. The new Genesis II workstations are available immediately for configuration on the Puget Systems website, with prices starting at just over $2550.

Puget Systems Quiet Dual Xeon Workstation

“Puget Systems is legendary for building silent desktops.” said Jon Bach, president of Puget Systems. “Now, we are taking that expertise to workstations. This is by far the most powerful quiet PC we’ve ever built.” The all new Genesis II Quiet Edition is the result of iterative testing of dozens of component combinations and configurations, making heavy use of thermal imaging to ensure the workstation is extremely well cooled, and quiet.


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