PUBG PC Update Now Available

PC gamers who like to play PUBG have a new update to download and install. The update moved recently from the test server to the live service and required about four hours of server maintenance to get ready. The update brings with it new material to stabilize the game and the update cracks down on cheaters.

The update also brings a pair of new loot crates to the mix. With the new update, players can report any player you think may be cheating from the replay feature. This means you don’t have to wait until the suspected cheater kills you to report them.

Cheating is listed by many as the worst thing about the game and the developers have vowed to prevent cheating from happening. The two new loot crates added to the game feature Desperado and Biker cosmetic items.

The new desert maps of Miramar get more objects added to certain sections of the map. The energy drink can in-game has also been changed with this update, no more “Hot Bull.” To improve the performance of the PC version of the game, the visible distance has been reduced while you are in the air reports Gamespot.