PS4 console Drops to $199 for Black Friday

If you have been gaming away on an Xbox One and have finally decided to get into the Sony PS4 console, this is the time to do it. The PS4 is at the lowest price since its launch for Black Friday shoppers. At multiple locations, you can get the PS4 for $199 right now with some offering the console for even less when you consider other offers that go along with it.

Sam’s Club was offering the console for $199 over the weekend, but it sold out very quickly in my local stores. However, you can order online via GameStop right now for $199. If you aren’t concerned about supply running out with GameStop if you wait until closer to Black Friday, you can get the console with a $50 gift card for the same $199.

I ordered from GameStop last weekend and got the console for $199, but no gift card was offered. If you have a local Kohl’s, you can get the console for $199 and Kohl’s has a deal where you get $15 Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend meaning you get $60 for the PS4 purchase. Kohl’s Cash is essentially a gift card good only in the store.

The catch is that you must spend that Kohl’s Cash between November 26 and December 6 or it expires. The PS4 Pro is also getting a discount own to $350 at GameStop according to a leaked ad writes Gamespot. The PS4 Pro is normally $400.