PS4 5.0 System Update Patch Notes Leak

We already know that Sony has an update coming for the PS4 known as the 5.0 system update. The beta for the app will happen at some point this month according to reports. If you have been wondering exactly what the update would bring to your PS4, the patch notes for the update have leaked out according to GameSpot.

Big changes for the console are being crammed inside this patch with the most notable being the ability for the system to stream 1080p, 60fps gameplay over Twitch using a PS4 Pro console. With the update applied the players will also be able to follow any PSN member you want. In the past you could only follow verified individuals such as developers.

Presumably that follow system means you can follow someone without having to be friends with them as you can on the Xbox One. Before you worry about your privacy, there will be settings to block specific people or people who aren’t your friends from following you. The update will also allow you to see notifications and upload or download status from the Quick menu.

That Quick Menu is accessed by holding down the PlayStation button. The operations of sub accounts is tweaked slightly in the update with tools for parents to manage what children can access on the PSN with some access for settings available from a PC or smartphone.