PROMIS Pegasus J2 Is World’s Fastest Thunderbolt Storage Solution to Support Windows

PROMISE Technology announced this morning that the PROMISE Pegasus J2, one of the first storage devices with Thunderbolt technology to be certified for PC by Intel Corporation, is now available to Windows PC users. The PROMISE Pegasus J2 is available in capacities up to 512GB and can deliver up to 750 MB/s of performance. Those specs make it the World’s smallest Thunderbolt-enabled storage solution and the fastest to receive Thunderbolt certification for the PC. Not bad considering the storage drive is pocket-sized and can be easily taken anywhere. The Pegasus J2 needs external power though, so you’ll need to plug in a power cable to an A/C source or from the Thunderbolt port of a computer. 

PROMISE Pegasus J2

“PROMISE is very excited to bring the power of Pegasus to Windows,” said James Lee, CEO, PROMISE Technology. “Being one of the first storage solutions to receive Thunderbolt certification for PC, in addition to the fastest, is a testament to the amazing design and performance of the Pegasus J2. Creative professionals and power users on Windows will be blown away by the amazing speeds and truly go-anywhere portability they can now enjoy with the Pegasus J2 and a Thunderbolt enabled PC.”


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