Win Logitech Gaming Gear You Can, Buy You Cannot - Yoda

With Star Wars Battlefront II quickly approaching its November 17 release date, Logitech has taken the opportunity to design a full lineup of Battlefront II Limited Edition PC gaming gear, all of which are based on current Logitech peripherals. We saw NVIDIA release custom Titan Xp graphics cards to tie into Star Wars and now Logitech is releasing some pretty snazzy gear that will certainly be sought after by many aspiring Jedi, or even fans of the Dark Side.Logitech G - Battlefront II Limited Edition Items The lineup of Star Wars Battlefront II Gaming Gear includes aesthetically modified versions of the G703 LightSpeed wireless gaming mouse, G810 Orion Spectrum keyboard, G840 XL cloth mousepad and G933 wireless headset, which are all top of the line, premium peripherals from the Logitech G lineup. The Logitech G703 LightSpeed is my personal choice of daily driver mouse, so it's nice to see Logitech use some of their best products for the Star Wars Battlefront II Limited Edition Gaming Gear. I am a huge Star Wars fan (who isn't?) and I like the visual appeal of these limited edition items, but that doesn't mean they will end up on my desk, because nobody can actually buy any of this Battlefront II Limited Edition Gaming Gear from Logitech. That's right, unlike the $1,200 Star Wars Titan Xp cards, you can't actually buy the new Logitech G Series Battlefront II Gaming Gear items, you have to master the ways of the Force to obtain them, or at least come into a little bit of luck. Logitech will be giving away the items through sweepstakes and giveaways. For more information, visit the Logitech G website in the coming hours. Check out this video featuring Logitech's Andrew Coonrad, who explains the concept behind the Battlefront II Limited Edition Gaming Gear. Do you have interest in this Star Wars Battlefront II Limited Edition Gaming Gear from Logitech? My sources at Logitech already have told me that I have to win the items just like anybody else, failing to fall for my Jedi mind tricks.