What Is The NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0

Those of us who are new to PC gaming may have a little bit of difficulty when it comes down to deciding what settings to set our games to. NVIDIA has introduced a program that will help us with just that and the addition of a few other features: the GeForce Experience. With the GeForce Experience 3.0 we will now be able to utilize the potential of our gaming rigs by letting the software automatically change our game settings on more than 300 game titles in accordance to the exact CPU, GPU, and display monitor our system is using. This way we will be given the perfect balance between the quality of graphics and performance. In addition to the feature that allows GeForce Experience to deliver a better gaming experience, the players will be able to download game ready drivers that are developed to fit new releases as well as the ability to share clips, screenshots, and streams of our games with our friends. NVIDIA GeForce Experience Right now there are over 75 million gamers that have signed up for the GeForce Experience a number that is nearly double the 2014 installation base that had just 35 million users. NVIDIA has been able to grow the user base of GeForce Experience by giving away a great deal of hardware and software. For example since July of this year, NVIDIA has given away MSI VR-Ready Notebooks, HTC Vive Systems, GeForce GTX 1080s, SHIELD Android TVs in promotions. NVIDIA has also been giving away thousands of dollars in game codes to random gamers registered with GeForce Experience 3.1.0 (the latest build), so you can even get free games for using the software. Over $320,000 worth of game codes have been given away to GeForce Experience 3.0 users in the past 4 months alone! Current and past game code promotions from this year include: One thing to keep in mind at this point is that the GeForce Experience will only work with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. In order to use all the features of the GeForce Experience the user must have a GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or better. Here at Legit Reviews we actually switched out one of our personal gaming setups from an older AMD Radeon R9 280 with the newer NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Founder’s Edition to be able to run the software. GeForce Experience System Requirements We have just introduced to you the GeForce Experience; a program that players can use to download game-ready drivers for new released titles, utilize their PC’s performance, in addition to the program’s ability to allow users to record and share videos with their friends or whoever they would like. Come with us to the following pages where we will give a more in depth description on the features that the GeForce Experience delivers.

Game Optimization and Game Ready Drivers

There are times wherein a lot of us (including myself) want to push our computers to deliver the best experience possible but are limited by our hardware. We can easily change our settings in Overwatch to Ultra but can be faced with lag, overheating, and significant drops in frame rate. With the GeForce Experience our computer’s graphics card, CPU, and monitor will be picked up by the program and the game optimization will be utilized. Therefore, our settings on select games will be determined by our rig and we no longer have to worry about having our settings too high at the cost of performance. GeForce Experience Game Optimization In addition to game optimization the GeForce Experience also provides users with Game Ready Drivers. Along with newly released titles Game Ready Drivers will be available. These are developed when NVIDIA discovers solutions for an issue that can be solved by the driver. Players are notified when a new Game Ready Driver is ready for a download that can be executed by a single click. GeForce Experience Game Ready Drivers It's a nice addition to be able to optimize performance with the click of a button as well as having access to game ready drivers. On the following pages we will walk you through basic use of the GeForce Experience including the Instant Replay, Record, and Broadcast features which greatly highlight what the app delivers. Let's take a look at how to share your gameplay with GeForce Experience 3.0.

Sharing Your Gameplay with the GeForce Experience

There are times within our gaming experience wherein we pull off an incredible play and some of us wish we could have had a way to show the world or our friends. The GeForce Experience makes that easy. By simply pressing the Alt+z shortcut to open up the GeForce Experience screen overlay we are able to choose between Instant Replay, Record, and Broadcast. GeForce Experience Screen Overlay Prior to recording, the user must open the screen overlay by pressing Alt+z, click on the cog/gear on the right side to open preferences, scroll down to privacy control, and click yes to allow desktop recording. GeForce Experience Instant Replay We may not always want to record our whole game but at times we might wish we could have recorded the last two minutes to show our friends our first pentakill while playing as Tristana in League of Legends or an accidental kill steal while playing as Blitzcrank when his passive zaps down onto your enemy Ezreal. The Instant Replay feature of the GeForce Experience can provide us with the perfect playback to show our friends. The feature is very easy to use. Simply open up the GeForce Experience screen overlay by pressing alt+z and click Instant Replay and select 'Turn On.' The feature can easily be customized. Under the 'Turn On' button you can click 'Customize' to open up a window that allows you to choose your replay length of anywhere between 30 seconds and 20 minutes. Whenever you feel like you want to redeem the instant replay all you have to do is open up the screen overlay, click 'Instant Replay' and press 'Save' and it will save a video of your most recent play with a duration of however long the Replay Length was set at. Now, instead of telling your friends, "You would have laughed if you saw it," just show them! GeForce Experience Record The recording feature with the GeForce Experience is much simpler than the instant replay feature. After opening the screen overlay, just click the 'Record' button and hit Start to start recording. Once you're ready to finish recording simply open the overlay again, go to the record button, and hit 'Stop and Save.' We did notice a small FPS drop while recording, but this is something NVIDIA is continually working on improving and we have been told that the next build will reduce this performance small performance hit. The ability to capture gameplay footage with minimal performance impact with the integrated ShadowPlay application was added in GeForce Experience 1.7. NVIDIA has been working to prevent broadcasting and recording from degrading your overall gaming performance ever since. GeForce Experience Galaxy After saving your Instant Replay or Recording just open up the gallery on the screen overlay and the video will be available. Check out the video below for a video walk through of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 that covers the instant replay and recording features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLy2gAf-G7I There are a few ways to stream gameplay. Two ways available to users through the GeForce Experience are to stream through Twitch.tv and YouTube. GeForce Experience Connect To stream the user must first connect their Twitch or YouTube accounts with the GeForce Experience through the preferences window in the screen overlay. Geforce Experience Broadcast After connecting the account with the GeForce Experience just switch to the preferred settings, save, click broadcast on the default page of the screen overlay and click 'Start.' Streaming should begin automatically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-7phOXGZHo We started off by introducing the GeForce Experience and went into further detail by going over the game optimization, game ready drivers, Instant Replay, Recording, and Broadcasting features. On the next and final page we will give you our final thoughts and conclusions and finish with a legit bottom line.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

For many PC gamers starting off and wondering how they can record their gameplay or stream so others can watch now have a simple way to capture and display their best, worst, and funny moments as well as get the most out of their gameplay with their current rigs. The GeForce Experience provides users with the types of features many beginning gamers long for. Making YouTube videos is not saved exclusively for professional gamers. GeForce Experience Logo One thing to point out is that NVIDIA is also always working to make the NVIDIA GeForce Experience better since its closed beta introduction back in December 2012. Back then the closed beta was limited to about 10,000 people and GeForce Experience would optimize your game settings on just 32 game titles while also keeping your GeForce graphics cards drivers up to date. NVIDIA has continually rolled our improvements and GeForce Experience 3.0 has blossomed into an impressive utility that automatically optimizes settings in over 300 game titles and is approaching 80 million users. Unfortunately for Radeon gamers, AMD’s Gaming Evolved App powered by Raptr was apparently abandoned on September 12th, 2016 and AMD is no longer distributing it or supporting it. This leaves NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 as the sole solution out there as AMD no longer has anything similar. This means that if you are a beginner PC gamer that the GeForce Experience 3.0 software can take the stress out of knowing what game optimizations to set for each title you are playing and allows you to quickly capture gameplay video, stream it to Twitch or YouTube, or share it with another player over the Internet using the easy-to-use in-game overlay tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2lm356ycwY We found that the NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 has brought us a simple way of recording and streaming our gameplay or even what we do on the desktop. For this reason I find that the program is a great way for beginning gamers to share their experiences on the battlefield. The NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.1.0 build can be downloaded here. Legit Bottom Line: The GeForce Experience is a free program which delivers optimal gameplay and the ability to record and stream with a few clicks of the mouse.