Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers

cryorig hybrid cooler Cryorig and their products are becoming quite familiar to Legit Reviews readers, as we've taken a look at quite a few of their offerings since coming to market in 2013. Our general take on Cryorig has been that the company offers great PC cooling solutions for a variety of situations, in addition to offering solid customer service and technical support. Cryorig is still a young company that is trying to grow in a competitive market, but so far they have done a great job in appealing to PC enthusiasts. We've used the Cryorig Amazon store to order their products with success. Only time will tell if Cryorig can continue to grow in the competitive PC cooling market, but they've gotten off to a wonderful start and they continue to expand their offerings to PC enthusiasts. CRYORIG A Series Hybrid-a40-5 Months have passed since Cryorig jumped into the AIO market with their lineup of Asetek Generation 5-based coolers, all of which are based on the same pump design and specifications, with the only difference between the three units being the size of the radiators. The Generation Five pump and cold plate represent the latest innovations from Asetek and offer improved performance over their previous units via an improved impeller and motor that increases torque and optimizes liquid routing, while allowing for the same noise levels as their previous generation pump technology. In addition to using the latest pump technology from Asetek, Cryorig has also introduced a pump-mounted fan to increase airflow around the CPU socket. Earlier this year, Legit Reviews had the opportunity to spend some time evaluating the performance of the newly released A80 Hybrid CPU Cooler from CryoRig and came away very impressed.  This was CryoRig's first attempt at an AIO cooler and with some help with their OEM, Asetek, they hit a home run. Since Legit Reviews has evaluated what should be the best performer in the lineup in the A80 and came away thoroughly impressed, we wanted to see how the units with the smaller radiators compared. [caption id="attachment_186085" align="aligncenter" width="645"]CryoRig A40 and A40 Ultimate Outline Information Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate Outline Information w/Dimensions[/caption] Cryorig provides a chart on their website that can help users determine if the A40 and A40 Ultimate will be compatible with their case. The size of the radiator, fans and pump with CLC fan are all charted out in a clear fashion. We really appreciate this attention to detail from CryoRig. CryoRig A40 and A40 Ultimate Full Specifications The A40 and A40 Ultimate are both 240 mm units, with the A40 Ultimate featuring a 38.5 mm thick radiator versus the 27.5 mm thick radiator of the A40. Cryorig has made the A40 available for users with cases that won't be compatible with the thicker radiator of the A40 Ultimate. We will be testing the performance drop-off between the radiators, which is the only difference between the different CryoRig AIO units. Every other facet of the A40 and A40 Ultimate are similar, which may throw some users off. We think that an "Ultimate" designation should mean more than just a radiator size difference, but we'll get into our thoughts on that later. CryoRig A40 Fan The XF120 fans that Cryorig includes with their 240 mm AIO units are similar to the ones included with the A80. Obviously, the smaller fans have specification differences from those includes with the A80, but they both feature the same design elements, such as the specially formed fan blades. Cryorig A40 Warranty Info in Box As soon as you open the box for the A40 and A40 Ultimate, you are greeted with a message that once you register your Cryorig AIO, you will receive an extended 3 year warranty. This actually translates into six years of coverage. This is a really solid warranty period that should give users peace of mind in knowing that their investment in a Cryorig AIO will have them covered for the feasible life of most systems. Recently I had to contact Cryorig for clips for the fan for my R1 Ultimate. They got back to me within a few hours and had the clips shipped out to me. I received the clips in about a week and Cryorig had shipped them from their Taipai location. This is excellent customer service and it makes recommending Cryorig products all the easier. Next, we'll take a look at the packaging and accessories that Cryorig has kitted out with their A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO Coolers. We've been impressed with Cryorig's overall packaging and presentation in the past, so let's see if their previous efforts have transferred into these AIO units.

Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers – Packaging and Accessories

[caption id="attachment_186689" align="aligncenter" width="645"]Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate Retail Packaging[/caption] The front of the A40 and A40 Ultimate boxes are both similar, with the A40 Ultimate featuring a black box front, while the A40 features a white box front. Cryorig is using high quality material on this box, with foil stamping present for the Cryorig logo. I've never seen Cryorig packages on store shelves, but they would be quite fitting and Cryorig does a great job of making sure their packaging has a clean exterior feel that is more classy than flashy. Cryorig A40 Ultimate Box The marketing points that Cryorig chooses to point out on the box of both units are the Airflow fan and radiator size. Interestingly, they don't mention the Generation 5 pump technology from Asetek, which is a major selling point for this cooler, in our opinion, though this is probably something that Cryorig feels would be more important to hardcore users who pay attention to those kind of things. The chances are that your average user doesn't care who is making the pump in their AIO unit, they just want a quality product that works as advertised. Cryorig A40 Ultimate Box Rear w/Specifications The rear of the packaging is full of meaningful information, including product dimensions and CPU socket compatibility. Customers who find this product on the shelves of their favorite PC component shop should have no problem determining system compatibility by using the information provided on the package, which is something we can't say of other manufacturers. Cryorig A40 Ultimate Box Opened Opening the top of the box, we can see that the components inside are packaged decently enough, though the fans and radiator could certainly use more protection and don't have anything holding them in place other than the cardboard insert that they loosely reside in. All of the accessories and documentation are well packaged in a single bag that is placed  beneath the fans and tubing in the box. Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate Boxes Opened Opening up the boxes, the one and only difference between the units is clear and apparent, with the thicker radiator of the A40 Ultimate really standing out. Both the A40 and A40 Ultimate are packaged the same internally, with no differences in packaging materials or accessories between the units.   Cryorig A40 Registration Card A registration card with a code is included with every Cryorig product, including the A40 and A40 Ultimate. This card is very handy, as going to the Cryorig registration site and using the card extends the users warranty and lets the user check how long their warranty is valid for at any time. This is a very solid touch by Cryorig and one that we feel other manufacturers should definitely follow. Cryorig A40 Instructions Cryorig includes illustrated installation instructions that are fully detailed and easy to follow. There are two separate instruction manuals, covering various languages. The English/Japanese language manual is pictured above. Cryorig A40/A40 Ultimate Installation Manual Close-Up These is one of the better instruction guides that we've seen included with an AIO cooler, as they are simple enough to follow, yet detailed enough that novice users won't be left wondering what to do at various installation steps. Cryorig Multi-Seg Mounting Hardware The Multi-Seg mounting hardware is simple to mount and we've used it on several occasions. Cryorig, in a pretty brilliant move, uses this hardware with several of their products, including the R1 Ultimate. Technically, I've never had to remove the backplate and have been able to use the same one throughout my testing with the various Cryorig products. Cryorig A40 AMD Mount In addition to the Intel-based hardware, an AMD mounting kit is also included with the A40 and A40 Ultimate.   Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate Accessory Bundle Overall, the packaging and accessories that Cryorig has presented with their A40 and A40 Ultimate are great, with some minor issues that could easily be addressed in future revisions. Cryorig included all of the necessary accessories with their AIO units and these accessories are all very high quality, from the fan screws to the mounting hardware. We would like to see some Cryorig stickers included, as the company does produce premium products and showing ownership, while not for everybody, is something that some users would be interested in. The included installation documentation and warranty card were top notch. As mentioned, the fans and radiator could certainly use better attention to detail when it comes to how they've been packaged, but we've reviewed three of these units now and none of them arrived with any shipping damage or issues due to how the fans and radiator are packaged. Let's take a closer look at the AIO's and their included components, next.

Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers – A Closer Look

Cryorig QF120 Fan The QF120 fans included with the A40 and A40 Ultimate are really well-suited for the task at-hand, maxing out at an 83 CFM airflow rating and 3.33 mmH20 static pressure rating. The noise output of the fans isn't too bad, maxing out at 37 dBA, but of course running at much lower noise levels as the RPM of the fans are lowered. The braided cables on the QF120 fans are a nice touch that we've come to expect from Cryorig, who are very attentive to aesthetic details. Cryorig XF120 Smooth Fan Blade The blades of the fans are smoothed on the ends, which Cryorig claims helps reduce air turbulence and noise. Cryorig also has air channels opened along the edge of the fan to improve airflow. The overall build quality, performance rating and aesthetic appeal of the QF120 are all great and while better fans can certainly be found, these are excellent considering the price point of these coolers and swapping them to any other fan will likely net negligible results. Cryorig A40/A40 Ultimate/A80 Airflow Fan The Airflow fan is a really interesting component. It runs at 1500-3000 RPM's, with a dB rating of 15-27 and is capable of pushing up to 25 CFM of air at maximum RPM's and optimal conditions. At first, the Airflow fan may seem like a gimmick, making you wonder if there really are benefits to be had and if the trade-off is worth the potential noise you will experience. Cryorig A40 Ultimate w/Airflow Fan Installed in MasterCase 5 I've been using the Airflow fan for months on the A80 that is installed in my personal system and I can say that it's very quiet and hard to hear with the side panel closed. We will get into the VRM cooling performance of the Airflow fan later in this review, as well. Cryorig A40/A40 Ultimate/A80 Asetek Generation 5 Pump The Asetek Gen 5 Pump on the Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate has a unique top unlike the ones you've seen on other AIO units. There are indentations and a fan adapter so that you can install the Airflow fan, which should assist with cooling. Unfortunately, omitting the Airflow fan leaves you with an empty top that isn't too attractive, but it is something I am sure that users can live with. The Asetek Generation 5 doesn't have too large a footprint and should fit on most motherboards. Again, Cryorig has a chart available, which we placed on the first page of this review, that will help you measure your system for clearance. Cryorig actually has these charts available on the product page for most of their products, which is very helpful. Cryorig Pump Base w/plastic protective cover The base of the Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate are both shipped with a plastic protective cover that protects the pre-applied thermal paste. The plastic cover is thick and holds well to the cooler, protecting it well during shipping. Cryorig A40 Power/Fan Cables All of the units power cables come from the pump, included a SATA connector to power the entire unit, a PWM fan monitor and two PWM fan splitters, for the radiator fans. Due to this configuration, all control of the units fans and pump speed must be done with motherboard UEFI/BIOS control. Cryorig A40 base w/thermal material Once the plastic protective cover is removed, we are happy to see that Cryorig has provided a nice, even layer of thermal compound with the cooler. The base of the unit is flat, well machined and doesn't have any noticeable scratches or imperfections, so lapping the unit would likely see negligible results. Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate Radiators Compared Here, we can see the radiators of both units pictured together for size comparison purposes. The A40 Ultimate features a 38 mm thick radiator, which should certainly offer better performance than the 25 mm thick radiator of the A40, given the higher surface area. The performance capability and static pressure rating of the QF120 Performance fans will be more than adequate for moving air through the thick radiator of the A40 Ultimate and of course, the thinner A40. Cryorig A40 Radiator Sizes Compared We feel that the "Ultimate" designation of the unit with the thick radiator should denote more than a radiator size difference, though the pricing dynamic is not exaggerated by the models naming scheme and Cryorig doesn't falsely advertise the A40 Ultimate as being drastically different from the entry-level A40. Cryorig A40 Ultimate Radiator Both radiators arrived without any noticeable damage and the fins were all straight, though there were a couple of small imperfections here and there that were likely from the factory and not a result of shipping damage. The radiators have a matte black finish that looks pretty clean. Cryorig A40 Hoses and Inlets The coolant inlet and outlet ports, though not super thick, are solid and don't seem fragile at all. The rubber hoses that go from the radiator to the pump head are 350 mm/13.78 inches long, which is adequate, though slightly longer tubing would have been helpful for mounting the radiator in front of large cases. Cryorig A40 tubing length This tubing length is pretty standard when compared to other AIO units. The tubing is very flexible and tough to kink, which is essential to proper operation. There are no complaints at all here and the radiators shipped with the A40 and A40 Ultimate both arrived without any shipping damage and in great condition, with properly machined screw holes, solid inlet/outlet ports and straight fins. Now that we've looked at the A40 and A40 Ultimate, let's take a look at the installation process for these units.

Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers – Installation

Intel LGA1150 Test Platform
Component Brand/Model Live Pricing


Core I7-4790K


MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 1600MHz 16GB (2x8GB)

OS Drive

Samsung EVO 850 250GB

Power Supply

Corsair RM750


CM MasterCase Pro 5

Operating System

Windows 10 64-Bit
Once the QF120 fans are mounted to the radiator, the unit looks really nice, with the white and black contrasting well. Installing the fans took just a couple of minutes and the radiator screw holes were all machined properly. The braided cables will certainly help keep cable management as clean as possible. All testing was done on a test bed to ensure consistent results between all of the coolers. For testing, we attach the fans to the radiator in a push fashion using the included screws. Once the fans were secured to the radiator, we turned our attention to securing the pump to the motherboard. Cryorig Multi-Seg Mounting HardwareThe posts were already slid into the proper position for the LGA 115x socket from the factory, which is smart and considerate of Cryorig, since these will be the most popular type of socket and the one their customers most likely own. Once we verified the posts were in the 115x position, the MultiSeg backplate fit perfectly on our MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard. We didn't have to change the Multi-Seg hardware between testing both coolers, as Cryorig uses the same mounting hardware with both the A40 and A40 Ultimate, of course. We cannot stress how solid and high quality this mounting hardware is and consider the Cryorig Multi-Seg to be one of the best mounting mechanisms in the industry. Cryorig Multi-Seg Mounted on MSI Z97A Gaming 5Once you’ve slid the backplate posts the motherboard, you secure it by hand-turning the securing screws onto the posts of the backplate. The screws have washers built into them, an excellent choice by Cryorig that eliminates user error, or the potential of losing washers. The hardware included is very high quality, with the screws turning into their threads securely, with no variances or issues with cross-threading. Cryorig A40 & A40 Ultimate Pump Once the MultiSeg backplate is installed and you’ve installed the CPU to the socket if it wasn’t already in place, the next step is to attach the pump/block, creating a secure mount to the CPU. Once this has been done, you just need to even tighten thumbscrews on the four posts until the bock is completely secured and unable to move. Cryorig A40 on MSI Z97A Gaming 5 - VRM ClearanceThough we haven't had issues, even with large coolers like the Cryorig R1 Ultimate, there isn't a great deal of clearance around the socket on the MSI Z97A-Gaming 5, as MSI is using large VRM heatsinks that are somewhat close to the socket. The Cryorig A40/A40 Ultimate pump has no issue fitting and there is still quite a bit of clearance between the VRM heatsinks and the pump unit. Cryorig A40 with Airflow Fan The installation process here is as simple as it gets for an AIO. The flexible tubing makes mounting easy in cases, but that wasn't as a factor for us on our open test bed. We've praised the Cryorig Multi-Seg hardware plenty in the past and the same remains true to this day, the Multi-Seg hardware is simply the best in the industry and all of the mounting hardware included with the A40 and A40 Ultimate arrived in excellent condition, with properly machined screws and in separate bags for Intel and AMD users. Next, we'll check out the performance capabilities of the A40 and A40 Ultimate.

Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers – Prime 95 Performance Testing

Idle results recorded using RealTemp after sitting idle at desktop for 15 minutes. Load temperatures were recorded after running 30 minutes of Prime 95, which is one of the most stressful CPU testing programs out there. All testing was done outside of a case with an ambient room temperature of 72 degrees. We used Antec Formula 7 Nano Diamond thermal compound applied in the pea-method for all testing to ensure results were as accurate and apple-to-apples as possible, as the thermal interface material included with heatsinks and AIO coolers varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and variances in thermal interface material quality can cause performance results to be skewed incorrectly. Let’s take a look at our temperature testing results under stock and overclocked conditions. We tested with the fans set to 100%, to give an idea of the maximum performance the units are capable of. cryorig stock At stock temperatures, both the A40 and A40 Ultimate perform quite well, keeping our CPU will under the throttling limit. Botht he A40 and A40 Ultimate are performing right in line with the H110I GTX under stock conditions. Cryorig Overclocked When overclocked and given a bump in voltage, the A40 Ultimate takes a small lead over the Corsair H110I GTX. The A40 performs quite well, coming in at just slightly above 80 degrees. vrm-temps The Airflow Fan certainly makes a dent in the VRM temperature and provides a noticeable performance gain over a standard non-fan configuration. AIO users who are concerned about their motherboard components running hot should certainly look at these results and take them into consideration when purchasing their next AIO, as these results are more than minor, they are pretty darn huge. When looking at these temperatures, you may think they seem to be high numbers, especially given that we’re testing with high performance coolers. Prime 95 simply pushes CPUs to limits that no actual usage scenario will ever achieve. In addition, the Devils Canyon CPU we are using, while featuring some thermal improvements over Haswell iterations, is a very hot running processor. We were able to run at 4.7 GHZ with the A40 and A40 Ultimate and both units managed to perform very well and keep our CPU at comfortable temperatures throughout testing.
I wanted to see how the A40 and A40 Ultimate would perform during a real world scenario that I would often find myself in, so I installed the units in the top position of my Cooler Master Mastercase 5 and ran a few rounds of Rainbow Six Siege after cranking through the benchmark a couple of times. A check of my CPU temperature chart after a two hour session showed that the CPU peaked at just 55 degrees when using the Cryorig A40 Ultimate with the UEFI fan profile set to Quiet. This kept the fans at about 30-50% RPM and the noise level was more than acceptable. The A40 performed quite admirably as well, letting the CPU top out at 57 degrees. Like the QF140 fans, the QF120 fans are very quiet, but do produce a slight bit of bearing noise when run at higher speeds in top mount positions due to the way the fan pulls on the bearing. This noise is normal and isn't something you will hear under normal usage scenarios. Now, let’s go ahead summarize our overall feelings on the Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO Coolers.

Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers – Conclusion

Cryorig foil logo from A40/A40 Ultimate/A80 box With the A40 and A40 Ultimate featuring the same pump and design elements as the A80, which won our Editors' Choice Award, we entered this review expecting amazing performance from both units. We were most excited to test the A40 Ultimate, as comparing it and its 38 mm thick 120 mm radiator to the A80, which has a 280 mm radiator that is 27.5 mm thick, generated a personal interest, as I currently use the A80 in my personal system. We came away very happy with the results of both units and though I won't be swapping out the A80 in my personal system for the A40 or A40 Ultimate, these would be my first choice for an AIO unit in a system restricted to 240mm radiators. Cryorig A40 Ultimate with airflow fan The performance of these Cryorig AIO Hybrid units when we push them with Prime 95 is simply amazing and both the A40 and A40 Ultimate able to keep up with all but extreme voltages and overclocking. We were able to comfortably run our I7 4790K on either AIO without the CPU ever breaking a sweat. The A40 Ultimate barely edged the Corsair H110I GTX by keeping our I7 4790K at 78 degrees under load, with the A40 just trailing right behind, never letting the CPU reach above 81 degrees. These are impressive numbers when you consider that the H110I GTX has a 280 mm radiator. Cryorig A40 Ultimate Radiator Standalone Just like the A80, the components of the Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate all carry a high quality, premium feel. The Multi-Seg mounting hardware that Cryorig ships with their AIO's is as good as it gets and leaves you with peace of mind, knowing that your motherboard and CPU don't have too much pressure being put on the socket. The QF120 fans have the Cryorig look and feel to them and provide excellent performance while remaining fairly quiet. The pump-mounted Airflow fan provides excellent VRM cooling performance and the unique look of the fan when installed will get looks and questions from fellow PC enthusiasts should they see your system. The fan is audible, but it's hard to hear in a closed case with other case fans running, so I feel like the performance trade-off is worth it. I originally didn't feel this way, but the Cryorig Airflow fan has grown on me after using it for some time in my personal system. My gripes are similar to the ones I had with the A80. As it stands, there is no way to control the pump speed or fans through Windows and you will need to rely on your motherboard software to do so. While most motherboards have solid fan speed control capability, some simply don't and it may not be possible for users to tune to a curve that suits their needs. An investment in control software would be a wise choice for Cryorig with future releases. Perhaps a more basic unit that features a 140 or 120 mm radiator without the CLC fan could be offered for mITX and mATX systems, as the Asetek Generation 5 pump clearly offers awesome performance with minimal noise. The Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate offer top level performance in a very attractive package and the drawbacks are far from being deal breakers. Cryorig A40 Box (White) Coming it at $104.45 at Newegg and Amazon, the standard A40 is a solid unit that offers excellent performance. For users with limited radiator space that cannot use the A40 Ultimate due to the thicker radiator size, the A40 is an excellent unit that is able to perform on par with the Corsair H110i GTX. The A40 Ultimate offers better cooling performance for ten dollars more, coming in at $114.45 at Newegg and Amazon. The A40 Ultimate was able to come within a couple degrees of the A80, which is currently available for $124.44 at Newegg and Amazon. Cryorig has cleverly placed their units in ten dollar pricing increments and each of them offer a couple of degrees of performance capability over the other, so this pricing scheme makes sense and lets users decide whether an extra ten dollars is worth a couple of degrees of performance benefit. No matter what decision you make, Cryorig has a full lineup of AIO units that offer clean looking aesthetics, quiet cooling capability, excellent build quality and an industry leading warranty. While they can't quite match the performance of the A80, which ultimately won it our Editors Choice Award, the A40 and A40 Ultimate come just shy, earning a solid Recommended Award. LR_Recommended Legit Bottom Line: The Cryorig A40 and Cryorig A40 Ultimate offer premium build quality, classy aesthetics and amazing performance that other manufacturers are hard-pressed to match. If you don't mind a lack of control software and aren't interested in RGB lighting effects, these Cryorig units should be on top of your list when considering an AIO purchase.