The Booth Babe Menace

Our E3 Booth Babes, Dudes and Cosplay article is back and quite possibly better than ever! Between lengthy game demo lines and exhibitor meetings, the Legit Reviews team at E3 2015 made sure to search far and wide for booth babes, dudes and professional cosplays on the show floor. We've collected 77 of our best photos into the next few pages of this gallery because 1977 was the year the first Star Wars movie came out. E3 2015 Booth Babes This year's edition of Legit Review's E3 2015 Booth Babes, Dudes and Cosplay Photo Gallery is just the latest in a whole series of compilations of E3 photos. Feel free to take a look at our past issues:
Now, someone please cue the lights....
E3 2015 Booth Babes Quite possibly the winner for "Debut of the Year", Star Wars' Battlefront was on everybody's mind and the lines to 'ride' in an X-wing simulator were around the block. We caught up to some hard working security guards on the show floor who were able to tell us all about the game. E3 2015 Booth Babes Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K15 Getting down with the new Guitar Hero! E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D30 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D39 The Dark Souls III booth had a big crowd in front of it...I wonder why?  Has to be the dead guy with the blood fountain! E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D42 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K02 The Just Dance Crew doing their thing at the Ubisoft booth... E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D53 West Coast in the house!! E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D20 Umm.... E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D47 The reaction of finding that you are too young to preview the new Call of Duty trailer... E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D36 "We take our job very seriously!" E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D04

The Attack of the Booth Babes

E3 2015 Booth Babes So you think you can dance?? Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K12 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K14 E3 2015 Booth Babes Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K07 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D55 You never know who you will run into on the E3 show floor. Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K13 E3 2015 Booth Babes E3 2015 Booth Babes E3 2015 Booth Babes Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K06

Revenge of the Booth Babes

Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K05  Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K11 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D40 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K18 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D06 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K03 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D14E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D02E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D22Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K16Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K17

A Booth Babe Hope

E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D52 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D07 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D58 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D43 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D01 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D26 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K08 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D51 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D08 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D45 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D10

The Booth Babes Strike Back

E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D32 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K01 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K10 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D50 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D37 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D17 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D23 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D54 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D27 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D13 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D29

The Return of the Booth Babes

E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D38E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D33 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D44 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D11 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D49E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D19E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D15Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K09E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D18E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D41E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D35

The Booth Babes Awaken

E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D57 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D31 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D28 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D34 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D56 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D25 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D21 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D46 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D48 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K04 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D24 That is all the booth babes, dudes and cosplay photos that we have for this years show! We hope you enjoyed them all and we’ll be sure to bring you more next year!