Are you looking for a motherboard that is waterproof?  ASRock’s Z87 OC Formula motherboard features Conformal Coating that makes the board invulnerable to conductive liquids. If you have ever spilt a beverage or had a water cooler leak onto your motherboard,  you know all too well that it could kill fry your motherboard if a short circuit happens. ASRock says the application of a Conformal Coating will protect their boards against conductive liquids, dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures. 

ASRock Conformal Coating

ASRock has released a video demo of the Z87 OC Formula board running 3D Mark with water running across it and it works! Check it out below.

Conductive liquids such as water pretty much destroy all kinds of electronics on contact. That's why ASRock has implemented a special layer of Conformal Coating on our motherboards, which makes the motherboards invulnerable to conductive liquids, corrosion and dust. Users won't have to worry about spilling liquid nitrogen, liquid helium or even clam chowder over their motherboards while overclocking. Conformal Coating may protect the motherboard against conductive liquids, but only to a certain extent. To avoid damaging your computer and other components, we still advise users to keep liquids a safe distance away.