Today Opera Software released the final version of Opera for Android mobile browser. Opera for Android includes a new and sleek UI, an intuitive “discover” feature that’s like a personal assistant for finding and delivering things relevant to you without searching, and impressive data compression capabilities that let you browse on even the most sluggish of networks. Additional new features include:

Opera for Android is available for Android versions 2.3 and above from Opera and on the Google Play store, and similar versions will be available for iOS and various tablets later this year.

Opera Mobile Browser for Android

"Most people just see a fraction of what the web has to offer," says Rikard Gillemyr, EVP of Consumer Products at Opera Software. "We check out the same sites every day, and you can get through with the latest news after just a short bus ride. We wanted to give people a relaxed way of discovering interesting articles and checking them out without any extra effort."