TP-LINK has recently released a series of 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) switches that break new ground for price and performance for any PC enthusiast that wants to transform their LAN Party into a true multi-user event. LAN parties have been the gaming craze for some time. You bring together a bunch of people with the common goal of trying to annihilate each other in a virtual world. However, without robust equipment with ample ports to maintain the packet flow your network can easily suffer a technical hernia and slow to a crawl. Most routers only provide four ports, which makes 10GbE switches no longer an enterprise-level product, but is a suitable solution for multi-use LAN Party play.

TP-LINK Jetstream 24-Port TL-SG5428 Switch

TP-LINK’s Jetstream 24-Port (TL-SG5428, MSRP $349.99) and Jetstream 24-Port PoE (TL-SG3424, MSRP $499.99) managed switches provide a full set of layer 2 management and security features. They deliver maximum throughput for LAN Party enthusiasts and feature 4 SFP slots to give users greater network flexibility. With its PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality, the TL-SG3424 is an efficient and cost-effective choice for gamers because it eliminates cable clutter by using the existing powerlines to transfer both power and data. The combination of performance, features, energy-saving capabilities and attractive price make the cost per port for 10GbE switching affordable for gamers who need to resolve network traffic bottleneck, use more ports than a traditional router has available, and tap the maximum amount of speed their network can pump out.