Thecus releases an all new 2-bay N2520 and 4-bay N4520 NAS server to lead the competition. The latest 2 and 4 bay NAS are designed to offer a revolutionary experience to the NAS industry. It utilizes the latest Intel Atom processor with 1GB RAM (N2520) and 2GB RAM (N4520). In addition, superspeed USB 3.0 fosters quick transfers, HDMI output is convenient for multimedia playback and McAfee Antivirus protection is to keep your NAS operating smoothly. The past proves merit; innovative technologies have been utilized to develop the new N2520/N4520 NAS to serve one single purpose: improve user experience and satisfaction.

Thecus NAS

Highlights: Thecus N2520/N4520

"The integration of the Intel Atom media processor CE5315 into the Thecus N2520/N4520 model NAS enables users to simultaneously manage activities such as media sharing and data backup without compromising performance,"said Bev Crair, General Manager of Intel Storage Division. “It's a great small system storage solution.”