Have you heard about a startup called Green Throttle Games? The company wants to make your Android smartphone and tablet into a cutting edge gaming console! In order to do this the company is both a game publisher and the maker of the upcoming Atlas wireless game controller. The Atlas controller gives you that console like gaming experience on a smartphone, so you can use your HDMI supported HDTV to play games from your mobile device. The Atlas controller developer kits come out this month and start at $45 for one controller. Green Throttle Games hasn't forgotten about Apple consumers and is working on an iOS compatible platform. Could Green Throttle Games be on the verge of the next big thing when it comes to gaming in the home?

greenthrottle Atlas wireless game controller

Green Throttle Games is founded by Charles Huang, co-creator of the legendary Guitar Hero video game franchise, so they got some well known people working behind the scenes on this startup. Green Throttle Games today announced that the company has secured $6 million in Series A funding led by Trinity Ventures with participation from DCM. The investment will be used to develop internal games, support external development, and advance software services as Green Throttle reimagines mobile gaming on big-screen TVs. You can find out more about GreenThrottle in the informational video shown below.

“We believe a large percentage of consumers will use their phones or tablets to play games on a TV, and mobile-to-TV gaming could quickly grow to surpass the console market,” said Charles Huang, co-founder and CEO of Green Throttle Games. “By building a straightforward way to enjoy mobile games together with your friends, we hope to revolutionize how mobile games are played.”