Two days ago we revealed AMD's FirePro S10000 flagship server graphics card. Now AMD have broken performance records with it by having 420 of them power the SANAM supercomputer, which was crowned the most powerful and energy efficient supercomputer powered primarily by GPUs.

Following the SANAM supercomputer at number two, are the Titan-Cray and Todi-Cray supercomputers listed at number 3 and 4 respectively, both of which are powered by AMD Opteron server technologies.

In addition to this, AMD has strengthened its software ecosystem by launching a series of tools that will enable HPC developers to take advantage of GPU compute with programming methodologies that integrate OpenCL. Full details are available at the link below.

Capable of sustaining 420 TFLOPS, providing a system energy efficiency of over 2.3 GFLOPS per watt and performing 2,351 million calculations per second per watt, the SANAM supercomputer is shifting the industry mindset of determining performance through FLOPS to focusing on eco-conscious measurements like performance-per-watt.