Razer, one of the world’s pioneering supporters of e-Sports, is celebrating the success, dominance and growth of its elite pro-gaming division, “Team Razer,” with the launch of a brand new line of clothing designed with its professional gamers in mind. Inspired by the Green Jacket in golf’s US Masters, we’re celebrating the continued dominance of Team Razer across all things e-Sports with the launch of our new Team Razer gear, reserved only for the highest performing members of Team Razer. Some of the Team Razer clothing items will be the Champion Jacket, Pro Gear Bag and Pro Cap. The Team Razer Champion Jacket is modeled below by Kurtis “Toyz” Lau from Taipei Assassins and Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis from Counter Logic Gaming EU.

Team Razer Champion Jacket

Team Razer is an elite group of world gamers who compete professionally in popular game titles such as Counter-Strike, StarCraft 2, League of Legends, DotA2, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Source and many more, investing time, energy and raw skill into becoming the most impressive players they can be. Team Razer was conceived as a place to harbour and nurture some of the world's most astounding gaming talent and, in turn, take an active role in helping us create the world's most astounding gaming peripherals. For years, Razer has taken on the feedback of our pro-gamers to develop products which set the trends in e-Sports and set an example. We live by our motto; For Gamers, By Gamers.