AVADirect Now Offers Supermicro FatTwin GPU-Oriented, Octa-Xeon 4U Server


Twinsburg, OH - May 21st, 2014
AVADirect Now Offers Supermicro FatTwin GPU-Oriented, Octa-Xeon 4U Server
AVADirect, a leading provider of custom server solutions, now offers the uniquely-designed FatTwin GPU-Oriented, Octa-Xeon 4U Server by Supermicro.
This mammoth of a CPU/GPU cluster (part# F627G3-F73PT+) boasts robust CPU performance, with support for dedicated graphics processing units (if need be) to push performance past, what was once, a fine line between possible, and impractical. With it's primary focus on CPU horsepower, the Supermicro FatTwin uses a four-blade form-factor, in which we will elaborate on in explicit detail. Before doing so, here are some uses one could consider using AVADirect's Supermicro FatTwin server for...
  • Complex Calculation
  • Video Rendering
  • 3D modeling
  • Simulation
  • Multi-Virtual Machine Environments
  • Hosting
Truly, there's no task the FatTwin cannot handle, and specification easily speak for itself.
Each node offers a total of 16 DIMM slots, with maximum support from 1866Mhz, 32GB sticks per DIMM. Those who wish to feed the FatTwins memory-hungry cravings to 1TB must be sure to use LRDIMMs, otherwise physical issues will put a damper in the assembly process. With 1TB of total memory capacity, each node supports two Socket 2011 Xeon processors, two 3.5" hot-swappable SAS drives, three double-width PCI-Express 16x 3.0 expansion slots (along with two additional PCI-E 8x 3.0 slots), and a shared 1620w, high-efficiency power supply. Chances are, end-users will not come close to maxing out power usage, however additional headroom is always welcomed, especially in environments where heat could become a concern. AVADirect will continue to update compatible offerings for the Supermicro FatTwin GPU-Oriented, Octa-Xeon 4U Server as they are available.
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