North Carolina is inching ever closer to the gigabit milestone thanks to AT&T's expansion of their fiber network. The expansion is the result of a 3-year $1.6 billion dollar investment in the networking of the central counties.  AT&T boasts the implementation at 10x the speed of any currently available consumer offerings in the area. 

How fast is 1 GBPS?

Not to be outdone by Google Fiber, AT&T plans to set up their 'GigaPower' and put in place public Wi-Fi hotspots in some 100 locations, as well as offering a free 3Mbps service to the area. No official pricing has been announced for the area, but AT&T is currently charging $99 for their GigaPower service recently launched in Austin, TX. Austin, however, is currently only reaching 300Mbps with the gigabit speeds promised to arrive some time this year at no additional cost to subscribers. Read more about AT&T's expansion plans in their latest newsroom report.