Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse and 1030-2 Mouse PadFunc is a company you might have heard of before many years ago. Founded in 1999, fUnc released its first product in 2000, the sUrface 1030 dual sided mouse pad. Since its early rounds of early releases, Func grew quiet until last year when it began to release products both new and refreshed. The Func 10302 mouse pad is one of the refreshed products we’ll be looking at today in this combined review with their new gaming mouse called the MS-3.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 gaming mouse is the largest mice we’ve seen since we reviewed the Roccat Kone XTD. The 4.99x3.97x1.69 inch dimensions pack a laser sensor, onboard memory that stores three profiles, two multicolor LED light zones, and nine customizable mouse buttons. Closer to the end of this article, we’ll review the 10302 L dual-sided hard mouse pad. The MS-3 mouse and the 10302 mouse pad are available at Newegg respectively for $59.99 with $1.99 shipping and $34.99 with $5.67 shipping. MS-3_03_boxbackFunc MS-3 Gaming Mouse Features: R2 New Features: Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse Specifications: Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 comes with a product manual, a driver CD, and a card warning users that Windows 8 incompatibility problems may be the cause of outdated motherboard drivers. The 10302 mouse pad only comes with the mouse pad.Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Looking around the Func MS-3

The Func MS-3 is a big and heavy mouse with dimensions of 4.99 x 3.97 x 1.69 in LxWxH (126.92 x 100.69 x 42.38 mm) and a weight of 4.5 ounces (127g / 0.28lbs.) Not only is there lots of mouse under the hand, Func has also sculpted channels  for all the fingers to rest on the top of the mouse. Func MS-3 Gaming MouseFaintly visible in the gap of the top piece and the side piece are the 3 sensitivity indicator red LEDs. The DPI levels can be set in the mouse software. There are two LED light zones that can be customized in the mouse software with RGB values. One is the scroll wheel and the other is the Instant Aim thumb button and the colors and pulse effects can be assigned independently. Also visible in this image and the one following are the four buttons that can be accessed by the thumb. Every button on the MS-3 mouse can be customized. This is perhaps the first mouse that places a button on both sides of the thumb well, though the button on the edge of the thumb rest is the least accessible. Func seems to realize that button’s limited utility as it mutes volume by default – something you won’t often do, but nice to have within reach.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 is best suited for the palm grip where the hand and fingers rest on top and make full contact with the mouse. Take into consideration that this is a big and heavy mouse.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe textured scroll wheel rolls with tactile bumps and as a button, doesn’t require excessive force to press. Near it along the line between the primary mouse buttons are two buttons. All the mouse buttons and the scroll wheel are programmable.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseHere’s another look at the molding. Also visible is the single side button to the left of the left mouse button.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseObserve how the fingers are to rest flat on the mouse.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseFunc MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 mouse has a 76 inch long braided cable (6.3 ft / 2 m) ending in a gold plated USB plug. The underside of the mouse has four feet that allow for consistent gliding. Also visible is the laser sensor that can track up to 5670 DPI.Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Mouse Settings Software

The MS-3 mouse comes with a CD containing the software settings program. Our sample has version 1.22 on the disk, though a newer 1.26 version is available for download at the time of writing and which we used for testing this mouse. (Update: 1.28 is out) Func warns that users who may be experience compatibility issues with Windows 8 may need to update motherboard, mainboard, or system drivers so that USB ports are compatible with Windows 8. Software navigation is located along the top. Three profiles can be modified and are programmed into the mouse’s onboard memory. The first screen is devoted to Basic Settings which are the DPI settings including Instant Aim, pointer sensitivity, double click speed, lift off distance, scroll speed, angle snapping, pointer acceleration, and polling rate (refresh rate.)Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe Button Assignment menu allows the user to assign commands to any button on the mouse including the scroll wheel.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseHere are the options available in order from Default commands, Windows commands, and Media functions.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThere are two custom lighting zones on the MS-3, the scroll wheel and one of the right side buttons. They can be customized independently from one another. Several sliders control the color settings though fine tuning colors would be much more doable inputting 0-255 RGB values.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe Macro Editor is fairly basic only allowing for live recording with no ability to edit to the string afterwards. The library of macros simply lists the assigned name of each macro and the ability to delete it.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseClicking Firmware Update will prompt this message to appear. Pressing next will bring up a file browser to locate a downloaded firmware file from Func.Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Func Surface 1030-2 L Gaming Mouse Pad

Func Surface 1030-2 LWe’re also taking a special look at the Func  10302 dual-sided mouse pad from Func. We’ve got the L size on hand and an XL size is available for the same price.Func Surface 1030-2 LFunc 10302 L Gaming Mouse Pad Features: Func 10302 L Gaming Mouse Pad Specifications: Func Surface 1030-2 LThe Func 10302 consists of two pieces made from plastic materials.Func Surface 1030-2 LThe difference between the two mouse pad surfaces are the plastic grains. One surface is finer, but not completely smooth and flat, and the other is coarser. The best pictures can do here is show that the surfaces scatter light differently.Func Surface 1030-2 L Func Surface 1030-2 LWe have the L size on hand which measures 33x26 cm / 13x10 in. A larger XL size is available with dimensions of 36x28 cm / 14x11 in.Func Surface 1030-2 LThe height of mousepad is 4 mm / 0.16 in which technically is lower than three US quarters stacked on top of each other.Func Surface 1030-2 LFunc has included a cord clip with this mousepad. It manages mouse cable length and can cbe lipped onto the mouse pad at two places along the top or even removed entirely.Func Surface 1030-2 LThe 10302 maintains a strong grip on surfaces thanks to the feet placed on the underside of the base. The holes stamped near the corners are to help lift or move the base since the grip does a good job of preventing even intentional sliding.Func Surface 1030-2 L Func Surface 1030-2 L

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

10302 L Mouse Pad Mouse pads are simple in their function and design and the 10302 doesn’t stray far from that principle to become something it shouldn’t. What Func has done with the traditional hard mouse pad is give options on hand. You can choose between two surface grains for different levels of friction and there’s a mouse cord clip that’s optional in its own right. It would be really interesting if was a development to choose the thickness of a mousepad without charging a price that insults the simplicity of the mouse pad.Func Surface 1030-2 LIf you are the type of person who digs hard mouse pads, then the 10302 is definitely something to consider. However, despite Func laying claim to bringing the first dual-sided gaming mouse pad to the market which they probably did, competitors have done a very good job with their own creative stab at the idea. The Razer Vespula includes a gel wrist rest and the Corsair MM600 is a single piece with an aluminum core. In addition with the 10302 costing $34.99 with $5.67 shipping on Newegg, Func’s dual-sided mouse pad is priced closely to Razer’s and Corsair’s own dual-sided mouse pads.Func MS-3 and Surface 1030-2 LMS-3 Gaming Mouse The MS-3 is a big gaming mouse and that’s the most important consideration before going out to buy this mouse. The valuation of the other features of course can be judged as you see fit, but we had a good experience with the MS-3. It has a very well thought out ergonomic design that allows for comfortable usage for long periods. The high-end features such as the lighting and sensitive laser sensor lend to some fun. The mouse software gives a wide range of customization over several settings and was intuitive to use.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe few things we can fault the MS-3 for are minor, but they must be acknowledged because no mouse is ever perfect. The matte black finish is easily scratched though it is a problem common to any mouse that has this finish. The mouse software doesn’t allow for precise tuning of the LED colors with the sliders. The software macro editor can use more functionality to make recording macros more forgiving. The Func MS-3 falls closer to the more expensive side of laser gaming mice, costing $59.99 with $1.99 shipping on Newegg, but with a shape unlike any other, this mouse is worth of consideration and our recommendation. LR Recommended Award Legit Bottom Line: Big, heavy, and possibly overthought out, the Func MS-3 gaming mouse is ready to rumble through your games.