Double Helix Games has been acquired by Amazon for an undisclosed sum! What does that mean for Killer Instinct fans? We aren't quite sure, but we do know that in 2012 Amazon created its own game studio, which has gone on to create mobiles games like Air Patriots, Simplz: Zoo and Airport Mania HD Free. By acquiring Double Helix, Amazon appears to be beefing up their gaming division. In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon that Microsoft Studios will be working with a "new development partner" on Killer Instinct for Xbox One.

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Double Helix and wish them success in their next endeavor," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "We want all of our loyal fans to know that the Killer Instinct team at Microsoft is not changing and that the franchise will remain with Microsoft Studios. We remain dedicated to delivering a great experience and plan to announce our new development partner soon. We're excited about the future of this popular franchise."

That could be bad news for Killer Instinct fans that like what Double Helix was doing.

In other news, we heard rumors earlier this year that Amazon is planning on launching a dedicated sub $300 game device (or possibly a set-top box) that could compete with the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Could this be Amazon alining themselves to better compete with the big names in the console market?