Blizzcon 2013We’re just two days away from the BlizzCon raid of the Anaheim Convention Center. This year Blizzard has once again packed a ton of fun into just two days of excessive indulgence into the Blizzard Universe!

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It has been just over 2 years since the last BlizzCon convention and that means a lot of time has passed for Blizzard to develop all kinds of new games and content to present to us this year. The fans expect a lot and Blizzard has never failed to deliver! Seasoned BlizzCon observers expect to hear news about the brand new World of Warcraft expansion. Rumor has it … well, let’s not talk about rumors, we can wait two more days for the real scoop!

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the VoidIn addition to all the new World of Warcraft information that will be thrown at us, we expect to hear a lot more about the next Diablo 3 expansion that was announced a few months back as well as more details on Blizzard’s new fast-paced strategy card game, Hearthstone. I expect we’ll hear more on any upcoming StarCraft II information and hopefully a bit more on Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s new DOTA style game.

BlizzCon Virtual GiftsGame news is only a small portion of what BlizzCon is all about. Aside from the upcoming game news, we also get to see some of the new hardware that the top manufacturers of gaming hardware have coming out with. We will be talking directly with the engineers getting the latest information on what we can expect from them in the near future and even get some firsthand play on never before seen hardware. Companies like Intel, NVIDIA, EVGA, SteelSeries, Gigabyte and many more will be on hand to show the passionate gamers and enthusiasts that make up BlizzCon 2013 all the latest technology they have coming to us. The hardware companies never let us down at BlizzCon!

BlizzCon 2013 - Diablo IIIBlizzCon also provides several live events that are always a blast to watch or participate in.. There will be the StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena tournaments as well as a live World of Warcraft raid between Method and Midwinter, the top EU and US guilds respectively. They will race to see who can finish with the best time as they siege Orgrimmar! There is the Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Invitational that has many popular streamer who have been invited. This event promises to give those unfamiliar with Hearthstone a great introduction to their new card game. Of course BlizzCon will play host to the costume play and all the usual contests that BlizzCon puts on, such as best art, best video, best dance … well maybe not best dance anymore. Remember the kid who broke his leg? These contests are once again hosted by the hilarious Jay Mohr. All of the fun and mayhem will come to a close with a performance by Blink 182!

BlizzCon Talent ContestSo grab your goodie bags, install your BlizzCon 2013 Mobile App, dress up in your best CosPlay outfit and get ready to have a blast at BlizzCon 2013. For those of you that are unable to attend in person, tune in to Legit Reviews, or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit for the most up to date coverage on all the action that Blizzcon promises to deliver!  

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