If you logged into GTA Online this morning, you would find a new patch waiting for you to download, coming in at 39MB for PS3 and 59MB for Xbox. Up front the patch is pretty minimal, and as of the time of writing this article, the patch notes have yet to be released by Rockstar, the game's developer.

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I can confirm that is patch does indeed put the final nail in the coffin for gamers who took advantage of a client side bug that allowed players to restart a job (a type of structured mission) at the end of the match simply by pressing R2(PS3) or RT(Xbox), that would give big rewards in money and experience (However, you can still restart failed missions and other non-story missions). Gamer's would take advantage of this by exploiting certain jobs that would offer a big payout in a very short amount of time. Re-doing this over and over (otherwise known as grinding) would allow players to reach end game rewards, like advanced guns, vehicles, and even the coveted high-end apartments with 10-car garages in a very short amount of time.  Many gamers have been using this method to overcome GTA Online's slow pacing of the leveling and unbalanced in-game economy.

Players wanting to enjoy the free roaming aspects of the popular GTA title by are hampered by the expensive bills relating to ammo usage, medical bills for deaths and bail bonds, and other expenditures that make hooning around in San Andreas not as inviting as "FREE roam" sounds for new players.

Unconfirmed reports for the patch suggest this patch may also be a partial or full fix for the created character deletion issues that have been plagued by the game since its launch. Rockstar has already posted warnings on the games loading screens to request that players do not attempt to retry timed-out connections or create new characters at times when the Social Club cloud servers were unavailable. 

Given the games large scale, big budget, broken sales records , and huge ambitions, we should expect the GTA Online experience to be tweaked and adjusted over the next few months to satisfy GTA players need for a balanced, enjoyable, and stable online multiplayer experience.