Valve recently revealed SteamOS, the operating system that will power its upcoming living room initiative that many expect will be Steam Box. The SteamOS is supposed to be the new way to get your PC games into your living room and on to your biggest screen.  We have always love the concept of a living room PC, but we all know it takes more than just hooking up a PC to your TV with an HDMI cable to have a good user experience. Last week, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell hinted that an announcement would be made this week about "the hardware opportunities we [Valve] see for bringing Linux into the living room." He also went on to say at LinuxCon that "Linux is the future of gaming."

Could this mean that we could be learning more about Steam Box? Valve says they have more announcements this week, with the next coming today, Wednesday, September 25th, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific! Could we learn more about the Steam Box unit that is supposed to work on television, using ordinary PC-hardware running on Linux? Valve is trying to break the boundaries between game console and home computer? Right now SteamOS is dependent on Windows to stream a user’s entire Steam library to a so-called “Steam Box,” so how will that work? 

It appears that Valve is trying hard to remove Miscrosoft Windows from the PC gaming equation and it looks like they are taking another step towards that.  Valve's goals with Steam Box and SteamOS are to give PC gamers the accessibility they crave and we expect the SteamOS to be available soon as a free download for users and as a freely licensable operating system for manufacturers. That might just shake some things up!


Steam OS