With all the leaks surround the next-gen GPUs from AMD we figured that it would be best to go straight to AMD and ask if they had any info they wanted to share. They kindly declined to share any details on the upcoming AMD Hawaii GPU that will power the AMD Radeon R9 290X video card, but did share an image exclusively with Legit Reviews of their GPU Tech Day Command Center. The photo shows some of the PR team working on Sunday to get ready for the international press briefing about Hawaii based GPU products that will be taking place this week in beautiful Hawaii!

It has been some time that we have seen a product launch taking place at an exotic destination, but it certainly has the enthusiast and gaming communities attention! AMD has gained a bunch of attention over the past year with the Never Settle gaming bundle that also turned into a nice marketing story. With AMD's upcoming Volcanic Islands graphics cards being announced this week, we can't wait to see what AMD has planned. The AMD Sea Islands product line was solid and they have the micro-stuttering bug crushed for the most part with the latest driver releases, so AMD has the chance to pull ahead of NVIDIA here. NVIDIA will certainly be watching this product launch as they will be interested in how it performance against their upcoming NVIDIA Maxwell GPU. NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs were announced back in September 2010 and are expected to launch in Q1 2014.

Will the AMD Hawaii GPU be able to outperform NVIDIA's Maxwell GPU that comes out months later? It is way to early to say, but we love it when NVIDIA and AMD launch new graphics card series. Get ready to sit back and watch the NVIDIA and AMD marketing machines do their work this week and get ready to see a ton of forum activity as people sound off with their thoughts on the announcements.