Presler ? Intel?s Mainstream Dual-Core Desktop Chip

“While Intel?s code-named Smithfield microprocessor set to be released in mid-2005 will open the doors to dual-core computing on desktops, the mainstream market will only get chips with two processing engine in 2006, along with the microprocessor code-named Presler.

Presler ? < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Smithfield with Vanderpool, LaGrande?

According to a report from Japanese web-site PC Watch, the code-named Presler microprocessor will be released sometimes in mid-2006 and will be made using 65nm process technology. The die size of the chip is projected to be around 140 square millimeters. From the architectural standpoint, the Presler may be a shrunk version of the chip code-named Smithfield, Intel?s first dual-core desktop product, however, it may sport a lot of improvements over the current computing engines.”


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