Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 X2 Devil 13 Details Surface

It seems AMD’s AIB partner, Powercolor, looks to be the first to show off a dual 7970 solution dubbed the Radeon HD 7970×2 Devil 13. This monstrous GPU from Powercolor will utilize a brand new cooler, the “Vortex III”, which was specifically designed for the Devil 13 7970×2. The cooler utilizes 3 fans blowing air down on a very large heatsink and fin array and comes in a striking red and black theme. The specs for the GPU look very promising, as it will be using two 28nm Tahiti cores which will consist of a 1GHz core clock, 2x 2048 stream processors, 2x 384-bit memory bus and of course 6GB of GDDR5 memory (3GB per GPU). The graphics card will come with 3x 8pin PCIe power connectors, with a TDP of 525 watts. The Powercolor Radeon HD 7970×2 Devil 13 looks to be truly impressive. More details should surface when the card is exhibited at Computex early next month.

Powercolor Radeon HD 7970x2 Devil 13a

Powercolor Radeon HD 7970x2 Devil 13b

The three-slot design of the cooler fan on the graphics card in three on the rear, the Turbo feature a special button that brings to mind are also included. Also supports Quad Crossfire setup PowerColor Radeon HD 7970 X2 dual graphics processor Devil 13, the image transfer is for dual DVI, dual Mini DisplayPort and HDMI connectors supported graphics card with DirectX 11.1 PCI Express 3.0 architecture framework as well as support for AMD’s Graphics offers NextCore .


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