PowerColor HD7870 DEVIL 2GB Video Card Review

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PowerColor AX7870 DEVIL Overclocking

To take a quick look at overclocking we fired up AMD Catalyst Control Center and used AMD Overdrive to overclock the PowerColor AX7870 DEVIL 2GB video card. PowerColor has the Powerup Tuner utility available for free, but we wanted to see what you could get without installing anything or tinkering with the voltages. 


The PowerColor Devil HD7870 2GB comes clocked at 1100MHz on the core and 1250MHz on the memory. You can go up to 1400MHz on the core and 1450MHz on the memory in AMD OverDrive.


We were easily able to overclock the PowerColor AX7870 DEVIL 2GB video card to 1265MHz on the core and 1450MHz on the memory. The card was rock solid in games and we were able to leave the fan control on auto.


Let’s take a look at some Futuremark 3DMark scores with the Fire Strike preset to see what happens with performance when the card is overclocked.

PowerColor Devil HD7870 at 1100MHz core and 1250MHz memory:


PowerColor Devil HD7870 at 1265MHz core and 1450Hz memory:


The 3DMark Fire Strike score went from 5391 to 6020, which is a performance improvement of 11.7 percent!

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