PowerColor Devil HD7870 Video Card Unleased

TUL Corporation today announced a new member of the Devil family, the Devil HD7870 2GB. PowerColor has expanded their popular Devil series to the more affordable AMD Radeon HD 7870 product line. , The PowerColor Devil HD7870  operates at 1100MHz core clock and 1250MHz memory clock, which the claim is high enough clock speeds to offer demonic performance in OC mode.

PowerColor Devil HD7870 Video Card

Built with PowerColor exclusive Platinum Power Kit, it includes 7+1+1 phases, Digital PWM, Super Capacitors, perfectly increases the overall stability and reliable power delivery to GPU. Following the concept of Devil 13, the Devil HD7870 is also equipped with ultra-efficient triple fans, also uses 4 units heat pipes and large surface of aluminum cooling fin, delivers 25% cooler and 18% quieter than reference. No word on price, but you can bet your soul that it will be more than a stock speed reference card!

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