Popular Cooler Maker Scythe Closes Down!

In a shock announcement on its US website, maker of quality PC coolers and related gear, Scythe, has made a short announcement that it’s closing down. The announcement was made by CEO Masahiro Sakai, saying the cause is due to the closure of its parent company, but didn’t elaborate on this. Interestingly, while the US website displays this announcement, none of the various other country sites do, not giving any hint about this event.


Scythe was well known and well liked in enthusiast circles for their high quality coolers and they weren’t in the news for having poor financials either, which threatens a company’s future, so the closure is a mystery at the moment. This closure is quite a loss for the enthusiast scene and is perhaps another indication that it’s shrinking. We recently reported that Intel was moving away from socketed processors, making Ivy Bridge’s successor, Haswell, the last socketed processor. The 14nm Broadwell die shrink will come in a BGA package and be soldered to the motherboard – anathema to overclockers and PC enthusiasts in general and killing the scene off for sure.

Scythe USA Inc. has been a supplier of Scythe products for the past several years. In November 2012, Scythe USA had to make a difficult decision to end its operations as a result of the closure of its parent company. We greatly appreciate your business and support over the years.

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