Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to Get New a Pokemon

Pokemon fans who have a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS, get ready to be excited. The game Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is coming to the portable console and the Pokemon company has announced that players will be able to get a new form of Lycanroc in the games. Lycanroc is a wolf pokemon.

The new Pokemon is called Dusk Form Lycanroc and will only be obtainable in these games. Dusk Form Lycanroc is the third possible variation of that Pokemon. Previously available versions of that Pokemon include Pokemon Sun’s Rockruff that evolved into Midday Form Lycanroc. Players who chose Pokemon Moon were able to get Midnight Form Lycanroc.

There are slight differences in Dusk Form Lycanroc between Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Pokemon Company said, “[t]he colors of Dusk Form Lycanroc’s body and eyes differ from those of previously discovered Lycanroc, Midday Form and Midnight Form.”

Both of the new Pokemon games will land on November 17 reports GameSpot. Both versions are set in the tropical Alola region of the Pokemon world and gamers will play through an alternate story to the one in Pokemon Sun and Moon.