Pokémon Go Gets Weather and 50 New Monsters

A big new update has started rolling out for Pokémon Go that brings 50 new creatures for players to collect from the Hoenn region and there are more set to come alter. Other than new creatures the game has also added in weather, just like the weather in your area, that will have folks going out hunting in the rain and snow reports Kotaku.

Among the new creatures to capture are Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, starter characters from the region. The cool part about the weather is that as trainers are exploring their area on hunts, the weather in the real world will be visible on the map as the weather in the game. This means if it’s raining, the game will be rainy and if it’s snowing, the game will have snow.

Th weather will impact the game by changing Pokémon habitats and where the creatures can be found in Pokémon Go. The weather will also influence Combat power and will have the players earning more Stardust after catching a creature.

Some of the creatures will be more likely to appear when the weather most suits them. This also means that as seasons change, players will have new Pokémon to hunt. Capturing these Pokémon in the right weather conditions will land players some perks and might make trekking in the snow worthwhile.