PNY XLR8 D22GX93XLP-5 (DDR2 1173) Memory Review

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Overclocking and Conclusion

pny xlr8 pc2 9384 memory review

Overclocking with this kit was not to difficult of a task once we got it switched over to the Intel setup.  For some reason, we had a terrible issue trying to run the AMD 790 board at the rated speed of  ddr1173 on the XLR8, which also means we could not run anything higher than that for teting.

Once moved over to the X38 platform, the fun began!  Our results were fairly good, as you can seeā€¦

pny xlr8 pc2 9384 memory review

While it is not a record, ddr1220 is a pretty good overclock!

Conclusion:  This is a high end kit that is designed for high ddr speeds, with that in mind, if you are only going to be running it at ddr800 speeds, there are cheaper alternatives out there.  The inability to run it at ddr800 speeds with a 1T command rate on our X38 board was a disappointment, but in all fairness to PNY, that could just be our board. 

This kit is very well built, it is also pretty cool looking with the way that they have built the heatspreaders for the kit.  It comes in a classy package that makes you think you are opening a quality product (which you are).  It just oozes quality from the moment you unpack it from the shipping box.

Probably the only negative that I can discuss is the price.  This kit currently is running right at $230, which is a pretty penny for a 2GB kit, especially when there are 4GB kits that are going for much cheaper.  Is it worth it then?  Well, it may be if all you need is 2GB and you are wanting to run high ddr speeds.

Legit bottom line: Overall, this is a great kit that scores well and looks fantastic.  PNY has done a fantastic job with the XLR8 kit, and has earned themselves a spot in the enthusiast market!


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