PNY goes high end with an XLR8 2GB 800MHz CL3 Memory Kit

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Tight Timings: SuperPi, WinRAR, Battlefield 2142 Performance


Super PI is a computer program that calculates pi to a specified number of digits after the decimal point – up to a maximum of 32 million.

PNY XLR8 PC2 6400 CAS 3

Super Pi again shows that the lower memory timings aren’t contributing to the output of a 1M place test.


WinRAR has a multithreaded version of the RAR compression algorithm, which improves the compression speed on computers with several CPU, dual core CPU and processors with hyperthreading technology. Multithreading is enabled by default, but you can disable it in “General” part of “Settings” dialog.

PNY XLR8 PC2 6400 CAS 3

WinRAR loves the 3-3-3-8 timings of our XLR8 memory going above 1800 KB/s!

Battlefield 2142:

The year is 2142 and the dawn of a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic. The soil not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth’s population. The math is simple and brutal: some will live, most will die.

PNY XLR8 PC2 6400 CAS 3

Again we see that the frame rate cap in 2142 is holding back what gains could be seen.

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